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Share Your Story: Tammy & Claire - The Stamped Anchor


There are two of us at The Stamped Anchor, Tammy and Claire, we are sisters and mummas.

Tammy also runs a small cake making business as baking is a huge passion of hers and Claire is a Photographer by trade.


We have been running The Stamped Anchor for about a year now.

Our business started with a small unique idea of hand carving our own stamps, hand stamping and making baby items (kids are our passion).

We are expanding our range from baby wraps, beanies and bows to now include bodysuits and cot sheets.

We have always loved the idea of owning our own business, we love to have the flexibility to be home with our kids but still earn our keep.

We chose this type of business as this is something that hasn't been done before, by anyone else. We love our whole creative process from start to finish.

Our proudest achievement in business so far, is still being here and creating after a year.

Every item of ours is unique in the sense it's hand stamped out of our own hand carved stamps.

No two products are the same. We are also the only ones hand stamping such items.

At the moment there is just the two of us working in our business.

In 5 years time, we will have our products in more stores. We would also love to expand our range and also look to have another 1 or 2 people working with us.

The one piece of advice that we would give to someone who is thinking of or is just starting out in their own business is to keep going!

We had a few large knock back's last year, we also had to take a 4 month break due to Tammy's wedding and honeymoon and Claire having a baby, so that slowed us down, but we just pushed on through and here we are.

Tammy & Claire

The Stamped Anchor

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