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Share Your Story: Victoria Gilbert - Embrace Wellness

Second up in our 'Share Your Story' series, we chatted with the lovely Victoria Gilbert, the Owner of Embrace Wellness.

We asked her to share with us a bit more about herself, her passions, her business journey and why she started out in business on her own.

About Victoria:

I'm a 43 year old mum of 4 with a passion for the human body and natural alternatives to live a clean life. My family and I love to go bushwalking, to do art and we love to cook as much as we do eat.

Embrace Wellness

Embrace Wellness is all about bringing health, wealth and fitness to everyone of all ages and bringing a healthy lifestyle alternative, as well as life coaching and exercise to those who truly need it.

I started my business because I saw how the products and systems I used had made life changing results for my self and for my friends, which made me want to take it to as many people as I could help.

My passions are health and natural alternatives.

Watching the results of my customers have made me very proud. Some have lost as much as 22kg in 3 weeks on the Turmerix detox. Like Alyce Wilcox of San Remo or Liz from the Entrance, who I met using a walking stick and three months later was running up and down stairs free of the pain from her arthritis, or Duncan Pyne who came off medications after 35 years of reflux.

These are proud moments, knowing I can truly help others. I really care about my customers and they literally become friends.

There is myself and 4 employees currently working in my business which is growing every month.

In 5 years time, I see my business being international and all over the globe with online services.

Victoria's Advice To Those Thinking About Starting Their Own Business

Customers are your key to success, keep them happy and they will keep coming back and don't stress the small stuff only the stuff that really matters.

Thank you to Victoria for sharing her truths and her reasons why she started out in business on her own.

Keep inspiring!

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